Welcome Home to Your Harth of
Heart-Helping Cacao Recipes

Here you will find where we have gathered together our most
delectable, delightful and creative alchemical blends.
Each concoction unites our dear friend Cacao and her spirit-allies,
for a power-packed love potion meant for the
ultimate mindful-action, heart-healing and blissful joy.

Give these very special recipes a read,
note the properties of the fellow plant-helpers at hand,
and journey deep within for a profound Cacao-lead journey into the heart.


Heart Opener Recipe - Holy Wow Cacao

Heart Opener

The Heart Opener This epic and super in-depth Cacao recipe is one for the books! Or perhaps, it is a book! (Take a look at that list of ingredients!) But Holy Wow, can we vouch for flavor

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Mushroom Superhero Recipe - Holy Wow Cacao

Mushroom Superhero

The Mushroom Superhero Latte Surely you’re familiar with the incredible powers of our dear fungal friends, the Mushrooms… Right? Here yonder in this recipe that follows, you’ll find a special mix of hongos, of which

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Morning Mochachino Recipe - Holy Wow Cacao

Morning Mochachino

The Morning Mochachino Ok, we normally don’t recommend mixing coffee and Cacao… But on occasion, we know we have coffee-lovers amidst us! So, here you go, a quick and easy combo of your two favorite

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Warrior Wake-Me-Up Cacao Recipe - Holy Wow Cacao

Warrior Wake-Me-Up

The Warrior Wake-Me-Up Perhaps your used to coffee…? Could it be that you’d like a bit of added clarity and focus…? Or maybe, you want to “own your day” with an added sense of vigor and renewal

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Sunrise Orange Recipe - Holy Wow Cacao

Sunrise Orange

Sunrise Orange Cacao Recipe This may be the shortest and sweetest recipe you’ll come across, just 4 simple ingredients. The taste of oranges in your Cacao will surely open up something so bright and lively

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Remember Helper Recipe - Holy Wow Cacao


The Remember-Helper Recipe We named this blend after intention in which all Cacao evokes… A remembering, a calling home, to the truth of peace the lays within us all, waiting to be discovered. Sit-&-Sip with

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Soon we will have a page here with some simple guidance on how to work with the Cacao
with presence and care in creating your own ceremonies, journeys, meditations, and explorations..


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