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This 100% Guatemalan Cacao is sourced from family farmers with deep-rooted practices of reciprocal land stewardship. These folks have grown it organic since before it was certifiable & so it is- if you will- uncertifiably organic AF.

We do our best to do our business in this spirit of reciprocity.


By the time your brave little beans reach you, they will’ve journeyed by foot, moped, boat, bus, plane aaaand one more moped.

We’re but beautiful babies here. And we’re taking our baby steps to not step on any big toes. Find out where we’re at. Joyn!

What quest are you on? How can our journey be of service to yours? Tell us about that time your life changed forever.


This very special plant has courted the homosapien in us.

With it’s undeniably rich & bittersweet healing properties, Theobroma Cacao has courted the human to form cooperatives of farmers who carefully grow her in life-affirming soils the world-wide with distribution to every single corner of this round planet. Indeed, this plant-being has- like bosom whoos baby- whooed this world wide open. In turn we propagate & spread her bean the world over. We’ll speak for ourselves to say we’re over-joyed to be seduced to be in service to a suchness so tasteful.

Follow Your Heart

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Hi. Wow, how good it is to be here with you now… Care to stay in the old know-&-flow with us as our story seeds, new products blossom & deals drop like the rain on dust?