Sunrise Orange Recipe - Holy Wow Cacao

Sunrise Orange Cacao Recipe

This may be the shortest and sweetest recipe you’ll come across, just 4 simple ingredients.
The taste of oranges in your Cacao will surely open up something so bright and lively in your soul.
Read on to see how this beautiful mix is easy and different than any other Cacao recipe we make.


• 1 to 2oz. Holy Wow Cacao 

• 10oz Water

• 1 drop Orange essential oil extract

*Organic is best. 

Sweeten the Pot! ( to taste )

• agave
• honey

• maple syrup 
• monk fruit

• cane sugar
• stevia 


…for one 12 oz. cup of Ceremonial strength Holy Wow…

Prep yo self: Sit for a moment, even just 30 seconds, to recognize the many blessings in your life and the one in which you are about to partake in.

1. Shave off 1-2 oz. of cacao with knife.  If you don’t have a scale, this will be roughly the size of a quarter/Euro/Quetzal in width and half that in height.  Eventually you’ll learn to eyeball it and get it to the consistency and strength you prefer.

2. Add Cacao, water, and 1 drop essential oil of Orange. Blend until a frothy-God-head begins to form. If not using a blender, you can add everything straight to the pot and use a handheld frother.

3. Simmer in a small pot on the stove to bring in the heat- just before boiling. The cacao will melt and mix in even more in this step, as will your other ingredients. Stir some more for good measure.

Finally, Sit with your Cacao in a gentle Ceremony…  ( a few Guides found Here.)
or just sink in with one of the below remember-helpers…

• Sit in prayer and gratitude

• Make it a meditation and watch what comes up….

• Ask what you can create together with the Cacao espiritu

• Ask what you can give her as much as what she can give you

• Ask what the world needs and how you can serve

• Ask what may serve in the highest way for you to let go of or welcome in

• Ask how to love yourself and others more

• Ask for peace in your heart and harmony in your world

• Whatever it is, make it a ceremony… even if it’s only 30 seconds long.

• Consider breathing intentions, prayers &/or cosmic jokes into your cup. 

• Give some thanks & enjoy.


• For a gentle wake-me-up-cup or simple daily guidance, use 1/2 to 1oz of cacao.

• Water-to-cacao ratio can be changed depending how thick you prefer it. 10 oz of water is a happy medium between pudding & milk.

• Sugar can over-power the subtle cacao taste, Begin with less & add as needed.

• Fats/Oils/Butters – If you got The Holy Wow, nothing in this block of 100% PURE cacao has been subtracted or added, so it still has a whole-lotta wonderful cacao butter in it already, and so this ingredient is totally not needed – However, if you feel called, you may still add more! These healthy fats help our beautiful bodies absorb the cacao.
 Find your balance AND don’t be afraid to add too much- it’s a great modifier of taste as well.

• Blender/Nutribullet – not necessary, but will be helpful in getting emulsification happening, where the oils and water really mix… Making your cup of heart-opening goodness ever more frothy, heady, and tasty!

Thanks for allowing us to pay forward to you the gracious guidance we’ve received from so many along our path.


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