Heart Opener Recipe - Holy Wow Cacao

The Heart Opener

This epic and super in-depth Cacao recipe is one for the books!
Or perhaps, it is a book! (Take a look at that list of ingredients!)
But Holy Wow, can we vouch for flavor and love-educing capabilities!

This recipe, named “The Heart Opener” by an author unknown,
found long ago on a recipe card in the once-upon-a-time Aurora Healing Arts,
is one of the tastiest blends of Cacao you might ever lay to your tiny little taste-buddies…

Give it a go… Open your heart… You’ve got nothing to lose.


• 1 to 2oz. Holy Wow Cacao 

• 10oz Water

• Organic Coconut Flour Nectar
(what an epic sweetener!)

• Organic Lucuma

• Organic Mucuna

• Pink Himalayan Salt

• Monotonic Trace Minerals

• Organic Cardamon

• Organic Cayenne 

• Organic Ginger

• Organic Cinnamon

• Organic Vanilla Bean

• Organic, Food-grade Oil of Rose Otto

• Blend of Flower Essences: White Rose, Hibiscus, Raspberry, Zinnia, Echinacea, Bougainvillea, 


…for one 12 oz. cup of Ceremonial strength Holy Wow…

Just a few key tips before we begin…
Sit still, breath deep, look within, take note, let it go, be love, get to cookin’.

1. Shave off 1-2 oz. of cacao with knife.  If you don’t have a scale, this will be roughly the size of a quarter/Euro/Quetzal in width and half that in height.  Eventually you’ll learn to eyeball it and get it to the consistency and strength you prefer.

2. Add Cacao, water, and any other ingredients to blender. Blend until a frothy-God-head begins to form. If not using a blender, you can add everything straight to the pot and use a handheld frother.

3. Simmer in a small pot on the stove to bring in the heat- just before boiling. The cacao will melt and mix in even more in this step, as will your other ingredients. Stir some more for good measure.

Finally, Sit with your Cacao in a gentle Ceremony…  ( a few Guides found Here.)
or just sink in with one of the below remember-helpers…

• Sit in prayer and gratitude

• Make it a meditation and watch what comes up….

• Ask what you can create together with the Cacao espiritu

• Ask what you can give her as much as what she can give you

• Ask what the world needs and how you can serve

• Ask what may serve in the highest way for you to let go of or welcome in

• Ask how to love yourself and others more

• Ask for peace in your heart and harmony in your world

• Whatever it is, make it a ceremony… even if it’s only 30 seconds long.

• Consider breathing intentions, prayers &/or cosmic jokes into your cup. 

• Give some thanks & enjoy.


Sip with us

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