Beaded Hummingbird


Headquarters to The HWC & Co-  Tzununá (Guatemala)- translates to “Hummingbird at the Water”. And, like the Holy Wow Cacao, our hummingbird kin take flight to make the same great journey, cross-pollinating and sharing their joy with the world beyond. And so, we offer these brilliant birds to you now- from the Mayan heartland, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala.

These beaded birds are hand-crafted and of many feathers. In fact each one is of uniquely colorful variations and will be sent out in a synchronistic fashion with the energetic frequency that calls you in- the Tzununá you seek seeks you!

Make a vision, click a few buttons & spread your wings in open reception. Thank you!

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The Mayan women weave and bead these brilliant creatures- reminding us of the lightness inherent to spirit. Yes- like the candle- to live life is to burn- and that can be challenging. And- if when we aim true, employ our myriad tools of practice, and look to the loving reminders of such prism-benders, we can thrive. In this way- we choose joy. And from this state, like the sacred bird of the hum, share this joy and light to every being we ripple with. Perhaps!

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blue & green, brown & gold, golden light, rainbow bright, feel the teal, peaceful purple, great mystery


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