Karuna Coffee


This shade-grown coffee from the mountains of Guatemala is from the land-collaboration of Karuna Atitlán and Holy Wow Cacao.

We know this is more expensive than your typical varietal coffee, but this is because this product is in a way a fund-raising effort to begin conserving land in the small town of Tzununá and to start the future mountain-top monastery retreat center.

This coffee is completely organic and harvested by beautiful local Mayan people whom we pay well and then hand-processed in the best roasting facility around.
All coffee currently comes in whole-bean (grano) to preserve freshness, so you will need to get a small coffee-grinder in order to drink it.

This 1-lb. bag of coffee (also known in Spanish as “Café”) is a medium roast.

We hope you will enjoy this coffee of the highest quality you can find anywhere in the world. 🙏

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Color Pattern

golden light, rainbow bright, feel the teal, peaceful purple, great mystery


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