Ambassador’s Package – 30lbs Ceremonial Cacao


30lbs of 1-lb. Ceremonial Cacao blocks @ $32 each (3%extra for credit card over website. If you wish to PayPal/Venmo/Wise/Revolut/Remitley/Zelle to reduce the cost by 3%, please send us an email @
+Shipping charges of $44 within U.S.

This is a package for our Cacao ambassadors who are ready to not only serve this Ceremonial-grade Cacao to their community, but also to make a profit as they have it available for people to purchase after their ceremony, dance, or in the shop. Is that you? Your package is ready to go! Just click here to buy and you will receive your cacao soon! Below is a further description of the Cacao we have to offer.

1-pound block of 100% Pure Ceremonial Cacao is shipped fresh from Guatemala. Serve it up with intention in circle, use it to sit in meditation or wake up your morning warrior, make chocolate with it, smoothies and hot chocolate, bake a cake, & do you! This “Food of the Gods” is as good as it gets.

Lightly toasted, this block of cacao has been received as bean from one of our 4 partner family farms, where it’s sun-dried & fermented. The beans are then transported to our local women’s collective here on the shores of Lake Atitlán, Guatemala to be fire-toasted, hand-peeled and pressed to a fine paste.

Each block comes with the Warrior Sit & Sip Recipe to make a cup powerful enough for ceremony & balancing enough for that ritual-shifting morning coffee alternative you may be seeking. Select from one of our 4 Regions below. Each is unique yet comparable- there are no wrong choices!

Details: Product is a single 1-lbs. block of ceremonial-grade cacao wrapped in biodegradable packaging.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1.5 in
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