Cacao Husk Tea ~ 8-oz. Bag

Tea of the Gods! A delicacy aiding in the opening hearts of Earthlings as far back as the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilization- thousands of years ago.

Yep! These cultures understood the winnowed Cacao husks to contain precious nutrients including Theobromine- the subtle yet profound energy source in cacao & if you will- a gift to the humans. Hence, the name, Theobroma, translating to “Food of the Gods.” Holy Wow’s cacao husks are derived from the finest toasted cacao beans on the planet.

Cacao Husk Tea’s light & fruity flavor is something that might be sipped while watching sunrises & sunsets alike. You decide! You’re in charge!

Details: Each reusable/resealable standup bag contains roughly 8oz of cacao husk tea, however we really pack the husks in- so likely more!


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Color Pattern

golden light, rainbow bright, feel the teal, peaceful purple, great mystery


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