Cacao E-Book by Isabela Benucci


The ebook “Cacao, the fruit that can change your life” is an authorial creation that brings together valuable information about the Cacao fruit, mainly in its medicinal and ceremonial form, a powerful healing tool, with an artistic and inspiring touch, bringing clarity and deep insights into life.

What will you find?

About the Origin
Ixcacao, the Goddess of Cacao
Cabruca System
The Call
Cacao VS Chocolate
Cacao and sacred sexuality
Healing potential
Medicinal properties
How to prepare

Who is the Ebook for?

Anyone who wants to delve deeper into Cacao studies…
Anyone looking for healing, especially of the heart chakra…
You who are a chocoholic and don’t understand why…
You who are interested in power plants
You who are already a Cacao Lover…
You who are curious and want to nourish your time with quality information…
You who are on the path to serving medicine…
You who work with or make Chocolate…
Those who want to adopt new health-promoting habits…
Who wants to let go of a harmful addiction and replace coffee…
Who is in a moment of melancholy and sadness…

If you are wanting to deepen your relationship with the spirit of Cacao, give this book a try!
Isabela Benucci has written this book after a long relationship with Cacao in Brazil in Guatemala and has channeled this here for you to work with! Enjoy!!!!!


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