The Medicine of Love – Cacao Retreat in Guatemala

Based in Lake Atitlán, tour to the Cacao Forests of the Coast

July 3 – July 10, 2023

Join us for a powerful retreat based in the small Mayan village of Tzununá,
headquarters of Holy Wow Cacao and the homebase for your retreat.

Travel with us across Mayan Heartlands of Guatemala
to explore the Cacao Forests, meet the trees, and the greet the people who grow them.

Deepen your knowledge of Cacao as well as its many
ancient and modern day practices.

Ready to go Deeper?

Spend time amidst the Cacao Forest…
Learn the process of Cacao from Source to Ceremony

Learn about the properties of Cacao and the effects it has on body, mind, emotions and spirit, in a real and experiential way.


Below, you’ll find just a few of the many experiences we will co-create with you in this epic retreat:

Cacao Farm Tour
Learn the cacao process from source to ceremony
Daily Yoga, Breathwork, Tantric Exercises
Cacao Ceremonies
Mayan Fire Ceremonies
Temazcal (Sweat Lodge)
Kirtan & Ecstatic Dance
Chocolate making workshop
Meet the women’s collective
Lake Atitlan & Waterfall Adventure
Music Jam Sessions & Sound Healings
Optional Massage/Mayan Abdominal Massage, Mayan Astrology Readings, Arts/Crafts Excursion

Connect with the only completely women-owned and operated
Cacao farm that we have found in Guatemala. 

Get the chance to sit and work the Cacao through it’s entire process
from seed-to-tree-to-fruit-to-bean-to-block-to-ceremony
with the women’s collective of Holy Wow.


Every retreat is a unique and intimate experience with limited space for just 8 participants.

Will you be one of the ones to join us here?
There are just a few spaces remaining, please send us a message or reserve your spot here now.

Fees for Retreat in Guatemala July 3-10

(price does not include airfare or travel to Lake Atitlan, though travel assistance is here for you.)

Join us for this retreat afoot Volcanic Mountains, Rivers and
Waterfalls, and the stunning waters of beautiful Lake Atitlán.

Travel across Guatemala and experience not only epic scenery,
but also experience a cultural immersion with the beautiful Mayan people who call Guate(Maya) home.


This very special plant has courted the homosapien in us.

With it’s undeniably rich & bittersweet healing properties, Theobroma Cacao has courted the human to form cooperatives of farmers
who carefully grow her in life-affirming soils the world-wide with distribution to every
single corner of this round planet. 

And we see you’ve made it here too! Must mean you’re part of the Cacao Crew!
Or maybe you’re just arriving and would like to learn more? In any case, WELL-COME!
We’re over-joyed to be seduced to be in service to a suchness so tasteful and help you to be too.

We can promise…

You will come to this retreat and find community, healing, growth, fun, adventure, culture, knowledge around Cacao, music and movement, and much more…

Are you ready to Deepen in Love?

This retreat might be for you if…
You are wanting to open your heart, just a little more…
You are a Cacao facilitator and want to enrich your knowledge…
You want to heal and grow by getting out of your comfort zone and finding our team who will help you dive deep within yourself, in a safe and sacred container…

We know it’s not easy to make these kinds of leaps of faith…
Have questions? Drop us a line and we will get back to you ASAP.

Or maybe you’re ready to sign up now…?


We will be here to guide the way to and from the lands which will touch your soul
and break your heart wide open, every step of the way…

Isabella is from Brazil. She loves Cacao and leads the tours to the Cacao Forests on a regular basis. She loves music and dance and will also guide us on some movement journeys.

Bel will be here to hold space in the most beautiful of ways.

Mathew founded Holy Wow Cacao 4 years ago after leaving his life in the states to follow his spirit-driven passion of working with Cacao. He has built this land to welcome you and hold you in this amazing journey. He loves plant medicines of all kinds, holding space as a meditative practice, and creating adventures out of everyday life.

He can’t wait to welcome you to these lands!

We hope to see you soon.
Thank you.

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