The Art of Ceremony – Cacao Facilitator & Space Holder Training – Salt Spring – May 28, 2023


The Art of Ceremony
Cacao Facilitator & Space Holder Training
Sunday May 21st 9am – 5pm
@320A Upper Ganges Road, Salt Spring Island

There is also a Community Cacao Ceremony on Saturday May 20th, open for all.

We might call it a training…
We might call it an initiation…
We might call it a simple passing on of experience that’s been seen, felt and integrated in a path of 7+ years working with Cacao and holding various kinds of “space,” by visionary journeyman and founder of Holy Wow Cacao, Mat Chandler.

This in-person transmission will be a unique opportunity to go through an organized round-up of all aspects one may need to hold space for moments in time we might call, Ceremony.

These facets will touch on the following topics and much more:
– What is “Sacred Space”
– Why we need more community space holders
– How these spaces are healing
– Who is qualified to bring people together (hint: everyone)
– Context: How the who/what/when/where/why forms the ceremony
– Internal & External Contexts and landscapes
– Cultural Appropriation / Impostor Syndrome
– Education / Lineage – thoughts for consideration
– Deep listening is the root of ceremony and space holding
– Some aspects of what “healing” looks like
– Proper Care for your people – Prep for Before a Journey, Integration for After
– Materials needed, physical space setup, have guests come prepared
– From Source to Ceremony – An entire section on all things specifically to Cacao
– Origins and History, Processing, What makes “ceremonial” cacao, How to prepare a cup and large quantities, Alchemy of ingredients, Mental, Physical, Spiritual Properties of Cacao, Cacao meditation practices, and much more!
This will be a time to have hands-on learning mixed with critical thinking, sprinkled with question and answer from yourself and others.

Energy Exchange is $333 (includes a ticket Saturday ceremony too!).

Use the link above or send e-transfer to
text 604-339-0122 for questions and details.

Not that we are doing this for the money, but the years of experience carry value and will save you much heart-ache, and you’ll be able to make your money back in just one journey that you hold for others. If this is truly not accessible to you, yet you feel called to this work, please reach out for finding how we can make this work for all of us. We ask a 50% deposit and the remainder within 1-week of arrival to the training.
Please read on for elaboration:
We will speak of how to hold space, before, during and after your journey, which will be applicable with or without cacao. We will talk about the oh-so-subtle Art that each of you will ultimately find as your own way, and yet still will be nice to know about certain teachings that the Cacao has given over-time and experience with her.

We will talk about the healing benefits of cacao, for mind, body and spirit. We will discuss what we can expect some people in our journeys to experience, so it is not a surprise, when say, someone leaves their body or channels a being from the spirit realm. We will speak of how and why we do this work. We will experience what is truly “Sacred Space” and why this is so healing.

We will learn about the life-cycle of cacao and how it comes from seed-to-bean-to-block-to-your-very-cup. We will get our hands dirty and make up some cups for all of us to journey with through the day. We learn about the alchemy of what other plant allies to bring together with our dear Cacaosita, and their effects on our bodies, minds and spirits. We will speak of the difference in ceremonial cacao and “cocoa” or chocolate.

We will speak of the sensitivity we need to keep at our side at all times for those indigenous people who have indeed worked with ways that may be similar to how we feel called to, and whom have had their land and their ways of living, stolen right out from under them… How we honor and do not repeat these mistakes. We will also speak of the shame, blame, pitfalls and societal views in a modern age of cultural appropriation, and the common backlash towards those whom have found a passion, courage and drive to make a change and take the lead in bringing people together, and will do so in a good way.

We will discover how each of you will bring together your very own gifts and skills you have cultivated in other areas of your life to merge in these ceremonies. We will make a short exercise of designing a practicum ceremony to feel what that might look like as you take this work to the world.

These are just a few facets of this deep-dive into Space Holding and Initiation of Cacao.

Upon leaving the day’s journey, you will be ready to hold your own ceremonies and group healing work. You will have gained valuable insights and applicable hands-on knowledge of the who, what, when, where and why, of the Art of Ceremony and Work with Cacao.

We hope you will join us in this journey in your community, so you too may take this much-needed work into your home, with family and friends, or to your local community, yoga studio, office or other space of gathering.

We ask that you come clean and clear of any drugs/medicines/mood-altering substances/alcohol for at least 1-week before the training and on the day of the event.

We give gratitude and prayer to all those who have come before and who have passed on their wisdom and teachings.

With Love and Blessings, Mateo Solecito


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