Cacao & Heart-Share Circle – Wednesday 4/20/2022

“The world of Cacao continues to show up in many ways for all of us.
We can dance and sing, practice yoga and meditation, or have a powerful Mayan fire ceremony.
As my path with this heart medicine has grown over the years,
I have found from past experience that I continue to come back to
one simple yet powerful way to work with Cacao in a communal setting…
Through simple, structured, ceremonial, heart-sharing circles; centered around honesty, integrity, and Cacao.”
 – Cacao Mat

What: Join us with the power of Cacao & ❤️ Sharing Circle on-line via Zoom!
When:  Wednesday 11a.m.-12:15 EST
Why: The goal will be to provide a place where we can sit and sip our favorite heart-opener, Cacaosita, and see what happens when we create a raw and vulnerable, yet safe and structured, ceremonial container, for us to share and express our humanness. Let us see where we go when we release judgements of ourselves and others and embrace life as it is, in all it’s perfect messiness.
Energy Exchange: This will be offered on donation basis with an $8 minimum and no maximum offering. Just complete your purchase/donation here and you will receive the Zoom link for the current week’s offering.
Note: Please check the date listed here in the description and the title, as these circles will be offered periodically, but not held every* week consecutively.
Best wishes my friends!
Loving Mateo

Minimum price: $8


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